About the NAASC

The National Alumnae Association of Spelman College (NAASC) is the official organization that supports Spelman College, a historically Black college for women, through financial gifts, student recruitment, sisterhood, community service, and recognition of Spelman women. The Association provides, encourages, and promotes growth and development of alumnae through leadership opportunities and partnership alliances. The NAASC actively seeks to involve all former students and graduates in the fulfillment of its purpose. Learn More.

About the Washington DC Metro Chapter

Founded in 1947 as the Washington, DC Spelman Club, the Washington DC Metro Chapter pre-dates the national alumnae association. We are a non-profit organization of the NAASC serving Washington, DC and several of the surrounding DC, Maryland and Virginia cities. Our organization seeks to:

  1. Support the college and its students financially through annual scholarship awards and an annual gift to the college.

  2. Uplift the Washington DC Metro community through service projects and activities.

  3. Engage in recruitment on behalf of the college while sharing our experiences with potential students. Chapter members participate in college recruitment fairs to share their Spelman experience with potential students. 

  4. Promote leadership, growth and development opportunities for our membership.

  5. Provide networking and social engagement for members locally, regionally and nationally within the Association and with other Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

Our signature event is The Loving Me Girls Conference (LMGC) established in March of 2010. Additional activities include the DC HBCU Alliance 5k Run/Walk, DMV Founders Day Celebration and Christmas Social. Each year an alumna who has demonstrated distinguished service to the chapter is awarded the Mae Clowney Wilson Alumna of the Year Award.

About Spelman

An outstanding historically Black college for women, Spelman promotes academic excellence in the liberal arts and develops the intellectual, ethical, and leadership potential of its students. Spelman seeks to empower the total person who appreciates the many cultures of the world and commits to positive social change.

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Executive Officers

Brucetta Williams C’1988

Vice President
Ursula Wright, C’1995

Atiya Hoye C’1994

Recording Secretary
Robin Brown C’1990

Communications Secretary
Nicole Williams, Class of 2000

Financial Secretary


  • Preside at all meetings of the Chapter and the Executive Committee
  • Direct the activities of the Chapter.
  • Represent and speak for the Chapter.
  • Ensure that all officers and committees are coordinated.

Vice President

  • In the absence of the president, preside at all meetings and perform the duties of the president.
  • Perform such other duties as the President or the Executive Committee shall assign to her.

Recording Secretary

  • Record the meeting minutes
  • Read the minutes to the Chapter for correction and approval


  • Be responsible for the accounting and expenditure of all funds of the Chapter.
  • Keep an accurate financial record of all funds.
  • Reconcile Chapter funds.
  • Present to the Chapter a proposed budget for the annual operation of the Chapter.

Financial Secretary

  • Keep the official record of all monies collected.
  • Deposit all funds.
  • Keep the membership list for each fiscal year.
  • Assist the Treasurer in the preparation of financial reports.

Corresponding Secretary

  • Maintain the official roster of local alumnae (members and non-members).
  • Be responsible for the distribution of all correspondence to roster addresses.
  • Send notices of meetings to those on the Chapter mailing list according to the established schedule.
  • Maintain the Chapter listserv and official website.

Our Committees

  • Community Service Committee
  • Fundraising Committee
  • Membership Committee
  • Loving Me Girls Conference Committee

The Community Service Committee plans activities for the chapter to participate in that will have a significant impact on meeting the needs of DC communities. Usually the chapter sponsors 2-3 community service events a year and the committee meets sporadically as needed. This committee also organizes volunteers for the annual Loving Me Girls Conference as well as volunteers for a variety of other events that the chapter sponsors. Please sign up today by emailing service@naascwdc.org.

The Fundraising Committee is focused on designing creatively entertaining opportunities for Spelman women to engage in sisterhood, fun, and connectivity while also living out the philanthropic efforts of Spelman’s history by contributing money. The raised funding will be used to help current Spelman students absorb some of the financial responsibility that accompanies college attendance [i.e. scholarships, etc.]. Please sign up today by emailing fundraising@naascwdc.org.

The Membership Committee manages recruitment and retention of NAASC-WDC members. Currently the committee leadership is reviewing: 1) materials from the past committee chair to ensure consistency in how NAASC-WDC is articulated to current and potential members, 2) incentives for members, 3) recruitment efforts targeting younger alumnae and, 4) outreach to non- members. Please sign up today by emailing membership@naascwdc.org.

The Loving Me Girls’ Conference Committee plans the annual conference which is the major community service project for the chapter. We invite 100 high school girls from the DC metro area for an empowering day of workshops and speeches that helps equip them with the tools needed to plan wisely, lead fearlessly, and to love themselves unconditionally. Please sign up today by emailing lovingmeconference@naascwdc.org.

Committee Chairs


Deidre Young, C’1991



Community Service

Renatta Landrau, C’2015







Loving Me Conference

Lisa Simpson, C’1990



HBCU Alliance

Angelisa Gillyard, C’1996

Diana Viega C’2003



Social Committee

Gaybrielle Gant, C’2010



Membership & Social Activities

Nia Spencer, C’1994



Dawn Maberry Chestnut, C’1999


Student Recruitment

Ashley McNeil, C’2005


Spelman Student Outreach (TEA)

Robin Brown, C’1990

Chantice Cotten, C’1992