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2020 Graduates are FREE!

Dues breakdown

Class/Membership Category National Dues Local Dues Total Dues
C’2020 $0 $0 $0
C’2015-C’2019 $25 $30 $55
C’2014 or earlier $50 $30 $80
Lifetime Member $0 $30 $30
Lifetime Membership Partial Payment* $200 $30 $230
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C’2015 – C’2019
$25 $100 $125
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C’2014 and earlier
$50 $100 $150
Lifetime Sustaining Member $0 $100 $100

*Lifetime Member Payment is a total payment of $1000 paid in 5 consecutive yearly payments of $200.

*Online payments include PayPal Fees

Contact Atiya Hoyeat with any questions.


The Community Service Committee plans activities for the chapter to participate in that will have a significant impact on meeting the needs of DC communities. Usually the chapter sponsors 2-3 community service events a year and the committee meets sporadically as needed. This committee also organizes volunteers for the annual Loving Me Girls Conference as well as volunteers for a variety of other events that the chapter sponsors. Please sign up today by emailing

The Fundraising Committee is focused on designing creatively entertaining opportunities for Spelman women to engage in sisterhood, fun, and connectivity while also living out the philanthropic efforts of Spelman’s history by contributing money. The raised funding will be used to help current Spelman students absorb some of the financial responsibility that accompanies college attendance [i.e. scholarships, etc.]. Please sign up today by emailing

The Membership Committee manages recruitment and retention of NAASC-WDC members. Currently the committee leadership is reviewing: 1) materials from the past committee chair to ensure consistency in how NAASC-WDC is articulated to current and potential members, 2) incentives for members, 3) recruitment efforts targeting younger alumnae and, 4) outreach to non- members. Please sign up today by emailing

The Loving Me Girls’ Conference Committee plans the annual conference which is the major community service project for the chapter. We invite 100 high school girls from the DC metro area for an empowering day of workshops and speeches that helps equip them with the tools needed to plan wisely, lead fearlessly, and to love themselves unconditionally. Please sign up today by emailing